How to host a website (Starters guide) in 2021


Website hosting is the intriguing part of the internet age. All websites are hosted by a hosting company or  by the website owner.

The world is global and numerous persons go online for information, some are online for business and others for pleasures in which way, there is connectivity. The place of good hosting should be emphasized, good hosting is affordable, scalable, and low-maintenance. Bad hosting is the opposite. Our starters guide would get you through the nitty-gritty of how you can host your website without making wrong choices. Hosting websites is not usually hard as it seems. Think about renting a house or apartment.

What is a server

A hosting server referred to hardware that houses websites, data, and services. A hosting server is also known as a web hosting server. A hosting server facilitates Internet connectivity by hosting numerous numbers websites and it always turns ON to ensure stable connections. The hosting company Uptime is very important when considering the hosting company to use.

 A comprehensive hosting server comprises computer hardware,  web hosting software, operating system (OS), storage, and network connectivity.

How to tell what web host a site is using 

A domain name is different from a hostname. The domain name is a name assign to a website while hostname is the name of the company that is hosting your website files. 

If you hired someone to develop and host your website, and you are neophytes that don't know your hosting company, something happened that prompted you to check, conceivably you notice your website is not as fast as your competitor's website, and you want to change your host.

Checking and clicking on WHOIS under the result for more comprehensive details can expose the hostname. After clicking on WHOIS you can identify your host by looking for a ‘Name Server’ entry. This lets you know your hosting company as well.

How much does it cost to host a website? 

Hosting a website doesn't cost much, depends on the hosting providers and the plan you choose. The average hosting cost starts from $2/month or more and premium hosting plans on VPS and Cloud infrastructure can cost $70/month or more


Starters guide

Step 1: Choose a Web Hosting Provider

Now, you've knowledge about hosting. But how many hosting companies do you know? Choosing the right web hosting provider can facilitate your business, many factors are considered when searching for your web host.

I'll not spend more time on this but one thing you should watch out for is their internet speed and customer service, are they always available to help.

For me, I use Namecheap, you can choose Dreamhost, Hostinger, Bluehost depending on your needs.

Step 2: Now, you know who to host your website

What Next, you've searched for the availability of your domain name. Availability check can be done by your choice domain host or

Step 3: Register your choice domain name that points to the server where your site data will be stored.

Step 4: Selection of the type of web hosting

The selection should be done base on budget. We have different types of hosting, the main options are

Shared hosting

Dedicated hosting

Cloud hosting

VPS hosting: virtual private service

Shared hosting is usually used by small business, small website and website blog, they don't usually encourage large traffic but are affordable.

But the other types of hosting encourage large businesses and can handle any traffic but are usually expensive to run.

Step 5: Choose a good hosting plan

Your kind of business and budget will determine your hosting plan to use.

Always ensure to choose a plan that offers 24/7 support by a live chat, email, or phone.

Congratulations! Your website is live, up, and running.


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