Neuromarketing: what is it and how does it help you increase your sales?

What company wouldn't wish to enter the head of its consumer and understand the reason for shopping decisions?

That is precisely what neuromarketing does, applying neuroscience to marketing to know more and better the customer to adapt the offer as much as possible and increase sales.

Discover all the potential that neuromarketing has, what it is, and how to put it into practice in your business.

Neuromarketing: definition and its different types

Neuromarketing is the study of consumer behavior when buying based on neural connections that are created according to different stimuli. Research shows that buyer decision-making goes beyond conscious choice.

This discipline tries to respond to the actual needs of the buyer and obtain this information of great value to bring the product closer to the customer and achieve better sales results.

Neuromarketing advances as more are learned about the brain. There is still much to understand, but the progress so far allows us to put specific strategies in place to obtain better results.

Types of neuromarketing

The senses are the receptors that transmit information to the brain and therefore are one of the critical pieces. Starting from here, three types of neuromarketing.


Visual: More of the communication on digital channels are transmitted through the visual sense: texts, design, and colors.

Auditory: The sense of hearing is worked through music, voice, and also silence. It allows transmitting messages, emotions, and moods.

Kinesthetic: It involves everything related to experience in terms of touch, smell, or taste. It can be the characteristic smell of a bakery or a tasting of a product.

These three groups are not exclusive; they are usually combined depending on the type of product, strategy, or campaign.

How to apply neuromarketing to your sales processes?

This branch of study is in full evolution and goes on to have still unexplored areas. But there are already proven practices that you can quickly implement in your sales strategies to facilitate your client's decision. These are some of the basic principles of neuromarketing:

Mirror neurons

We tend to imitate, reproduce and feel what we see. It is closely related to empathy, the ability to put yourself in the shoes of the person in front of you. 

Use the colors

Colors convey different sensations and emotions. That is why it is crucial to inform yourself and choose the palette and the brand design well.


Narrating is one of the main tools of knowledge and survival of our species. Today we continue to be attracted to stories and tend to remember them better.

The emotions

All brands use emotions; happiness, fear, security, tranquility, etc. Define what you want to transmit and take it into account in your communications.

The mental triggers

They are principles of social psychology that are used to foster customer acceptance. Some of the most recognized are the principle of social influence, that of scarcity or exclusivity.

The repetition

We like what is known, and we tend to give more credibility to what is already familiar to us. For this reason, the announcements are repeated during periods of determined time.

There is still a long way to go to access that precious black box that is in each of our heads. Meanwhile, we can apply these small techniques and measure the results to find out what works best for us.

Marketing and sales

By understanding what neuromarketing stands and some of its answers, you can enhance them even more.

In conclusion, investing in neuromarketing is equivalent to investing in greater success for our products or services. Thanks to the possibility of discovering new paths, we can demonstrate the level of attractiveness and impact of a campaign, innovate in our creativity, check what is driving the purchase decision, and, in essence, offer content geared explicitly to user needs.

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