Why investing in Mobile application development is important for business growth

Are you an entrepreneur who's looking to create a unique brand and image for what you can offer people? Do you have a flair for business and would like to improve on ways to broaden the scope of the services you offer? Are you business-inclined and customer-centric enough to utilize new workable strategies for acquiring better customer patronage? This article might just be what you need to take your business future into your own hands to create awareness and promote your brand. 

These days, the number of individuals making use of smartphones to perform different functions has increased exponentially compared to 10 or 20 years ago when this sort of technology was non-existent or in its infancy. Tech-savvy businesses now make use of mobile applications to incorporate every aspect of their brands into an easily accessible and comfortable resource that can be used all around the world. 

Since the time of the covid pandemic, a substantial shift in consumer behavior has caused businesses across all industries to rethink their business ideals & models. And as everyone's begun to adjust to the new reality, the importance of digital transformation in the development of mobile applications has become very clear. Statistics have shown that 91% of various businesses have developed and now make use of mobile applications today since over 90% of smartphone media time is spent heavily on mobile applications. 

Firstly, let's take a look at what mobile applications are. 

Mobile applications. What do they mean?

Mobile applications, mobile apps or just apps as we've come to know them today are computer programs or software applications that run on different mobile devices such as phones, tablets, or probably a watch. 

Most individuals confuse mobile applications with desktop applications and web applications that are meant to operate on desktop computers, or run on mobile web browsers. 

Why investment in mobile applications development today is beneficial?

1. Mobile applications give business brands a wider reach amongst customers.

Due to the increased number of smartphones in this technology-driven age, more people are beginning to utilize smartphones for almost everything. It is shown by statistics that over 3 billion individuals now have access to smartphones, practically access to the internet, and it's important to also note that mobile devices account for the majority of the internet traffic. You will be able to reach a global audience by investing more in mobile app development. Individuals from all around the world will be able to purchase your goods and services. A recent survey shows that many corporations had as much as 50% increase in sales and over 45% profit improvement. By doing this, mobile app development helps your firm expand its market, putting it in a better position for business growth. 

2. It makes business advertising easier.

Utilizing mobile applications developers like Beehive Digital Services to create your mobile app would enable various clients to get in contact with your brand at any time and from anywhere in the world. Because your business is immediately and readily accessible on a customer-friendly app, your brand will be strengthened, and clients will be more willing to buy your services due to the fact that you've already built a customer-centric relationship with your customers through your mobile business app. It's a speedy and more comfortable means to advertise your products alongside most apps that present offline features as most information is already inbuilt in the app with updates of application versions made available for customers. 

3. It gives you an advantage over your competitors.

From time immemorial, the main aim of anyone engaging in business has always been to make a profit and give better performance in comparison to other competitors. Nowadays, conducting business has been met with tougher competition which makes getting an edge over these companies a very difficult task.

The role of mobile applications in business is very important as placing investments in its development can prove to be very important for business growth. The basic cause of this is the dynamic nature of consumer behavior. Apps that create better solutions and improve user experience for customers provide them with a wide range of options due to the fact that individuals stay with these brands and are not swayed by the enticing offers of your competitors.

4. It boosts customer service.

There are different mobile applications for different purposes which are created by app developers to provide customers with spot-on customer service. Engaging customers in these business apps with features like the live chatbots remove the need for availability of customer service representative all hours of the day hence reducing costs and gives customers the free reins to conduct transactions on their smartphones, receive notifications on its promos, view product guides, FAQs, product reviews & guides and get access to the customer service help desk.


Online traffic these days is now being influenced greatly by smartphones. Due to the increased number of smartphone users, mobile apps help in business growth by improving customer satisfaction and revenue while advertising your brand to a global audience. 

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